Understanding DUI Alcohol & Drug Evaluations in Illinois

If you're facing a DUI charge in Illinois or seeking to restore your driving privileges, a comprehensive alcohol and drug evaluation is a crucial step in the legal process. This evaluation is a legal requirement prior to sentencing or during a Secretary of State hearing for reinstatement of your license.
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Comprehensive Guide to DUI Evaluations in Illinois

Undergoing a DUI evaluation in Illinois is a critical step in the legal process following a DUI charge. This guide aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the essential documents required, the evaluation process, risk classifications, and where to get evaluated.

1. Essential Documents for DUI Evaluation
Preparing for a DUI evaluation involves gathering several key documents that play a crucial role in the assessment:

-Traffic Citations: Citations received during the incident provide context and details about the offense.
-Law Enforcement Sworn Report or Notice of Statutory Summary Suspension: These documents offer official accounts of the incident and any immediate legal actions taken.
-Toxicology Test Results: If administered, these results are crucial in evaluating alcohol or drug levels at the time of the incident.
-Court Purposes Driving Abstract: Obtainable from CyberDrive Illinois or Secretary of State Driver Services facilities, this abstract presents a comprehensive driving history.
-Out-of-State Driving Record: Relevant for those with driving history in other states.
-List of Medications: Information about medications taken at the time of the arrest can impact the evaluation outcome.
-Valid Photo Identification: A necessary requirement for identity verification.
-Evaluation Fee Payment: Typically around $250, this fee covers the cost of the evaluation process.
-Previous Substance Abuse or Mental Health Treatment Documentation: These documents can provide valuable context for the evaluator.
-Additional Requirements: Some evaluations may require a urine sample or a third-party interviewee.

2. The DUI Evaluation Process and Risk Classifications
The evaluation process in Illinois takes a comprehensive approach, considering various factors:

-Objective Test Score and Chemical Test Results: These include breath, blood, or urine tests, or refusal to submit to testing.
-Driving History: A thorough review of the individual's driving record.
-Personal Interview: Information obtained during this interview is critical in determining risk classification.Based on these factors, individuals are classified into one of four risk categories:
-Minimal Risk: Involves DUI Risk Education.
-Moderate Risk: Includes DUI Risk Education and early intervention.
-Significant Risk: Entails DUI Risk Education and substance abuse treatment.
-High Risk: Necessitates extensive substance abuse treatment.

Where to Get Evaluated
Evaluations must be performed by licensed providers, which may vary by county:

Cook County: Central States Institute of Addiction
DuPage County: DuPage County Probation Department
Lake County: Nicasa Behavioral Health Services

Other Counties:
-Any provider licensed by the Illinois Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA)

You can find a comprehensive list of licensed evaluation providers and additional resources for each county at the following:
-Central States Institute of Addiction
-DHS/DASA DUI Evaluations
-DUI & Substance Abuse Service Providers List
-Will County DUI Provider List

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