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"I couldn’t believe that Andy got my case dismissed in a town where they said it couldn’t be done. Andy was courteous, professional, any time I had a question he would usually have the answer. I would highly recommend retaining Andy as your lawyer."
Tim O.
"Best result possible! Andy’s expertise and professionalism were key to my getting the best result possible in my case. He knew the exact steps to take and kept me informed during the process. He also responded to any questions I had in a timely manner. I am very happy with the outcome."
"Excellent DefenseI hired Andy to help me with a DUI charge. We went to trial and he was able to get a not guilty verdict. He found an issue with the log the police department keeps and when the breathalyzer was calibrated. I thought that was extremely clever and obviously convincing to the judge. The police officer and prosecuted had a stunned look on their faces when he brought that up. Not only was he thorough in my defense, he made it court on Christmas Eve to defend me after I had missed a court date. I highly recommend him if you ever get charged with a DUI."
"Amazing Lawyer!Hopefully I will never need his services again but god forbid if I ever do there isn’t anybody else that I will call faster than him. Went from a dead to rights case on my end facing prison time to 24 months probation. You want a lawyer that doesn’t take crap from anybody and knows his stuff? Hire Andy Sotiropoulos! He is worth every penny spent!"
"Highly recommend!Andy was great with my case! Kept it simple but was patient enough to explain the whole process to me. Easy to contact. And very efficient. I did shop around so i would like to say out of 4 attorneys i consulted with, i chose Andy and I do not regret it. Very grateful for my case to get dismissed!"
"I was looking for an attorney to represent me in my drivers license reinstatement hearings and Andy was recommended by a friend, I am so glad that I hired Andy to help me in my case, with his knowledge and hard work I was able to successfully complete everything that was required by the state and after 8 long years of a revoked license, I was granted full reinstatement of my drivers license.
Andy is very knowledgeable, hard working, thorough and friendly, I would highly recommend him."
Andy, your professional demeanor in and out of the courtroom was second to none. You were always one step ahead of the game and somehow had things under control at all times. From the first day I entered your office; you told me straight how it was going to be ... with no games and no hype. You always went the extra mile. You did your homework, you listened, and because of your great thinking and years of experience, you WON MY CASE (.16 BAC). YOU TRULY DID THE IMPOSSIBLE. Thank you for everything!
3rd time DUI with a .156 BAC, accident, and civilian witnesses. NOT GUILTY on the DUI. One-year suspension RESCINDED. COMPLETE SUCCESS! I've had two other DUI attorneys in the past, and neither compares to Andy. For me, Andy is the #1 attorney in Chicago. Andy is a great fighter, a BULL! I am super grateful.
I consulted with several other attorneys before hiring Andy, and they all told me my case was a lost cause. On my third court date, Andy had my suspension RESCINDED and my DUI charge reduced to a reckless driving. As I left court that day, I kept thinking back to the attorney who advised, "just plead guilty and go on with your life." Today I feel as if my life has started again. Thank you so very much, Mr. Sotiropoulos!
The quality of legal representation received from Andy far exceeded my expectations. I ended up walking away with a petty traffic violation after being charged with DUI. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andy to anyone in a similar situation. He was worth every penny.
Andy, it was my pleasure to have you as my attorney. Through my whole ordeal, you were very honest and forthright with me, and I had the utmost trust and confidence in you. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to anybody who would need your services.
I didn't know what to do or who to turn to after I was arrested for DUI. Fortunately, a friend recommended your office. From our first meeting to our last court date, you and your staff were the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONALS, always keeping me updated and always willing to listen and answer any questions I may have had. I am truly helpful for all the help you and your staff provided me, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND your office to anyone in the same situation.
I received my second DUI (with open liquor in the car) 11 months after my first one. I was astonished that you were able to beat my first DUI, and then you topped that much to my surprise by beating my second DUI too. You beat BOTH DUIS and had my three-year suspension RESCINDED. I really appreciate everything you have done for me, and I will always be thankful that I was lucky enough to find the right lawyer. Thank you.
I cannot thank you enough for getting both of my DUIs dismissed. You obviously are the best attorney I could have hired. Thank you again for everything. I would absolutely refer anyone to you.
Andy, you did a great job, and I thank you. You beat two DUIS, a three-year suspension, four driving on revoked cases, and a battery charge. Amazing!
Once again, I would like to thank you for your representation on my behalf. My case was practically "airtight" (.28 BAC), and I was skeptical of receiving a not guilty verdict. You kept your professional composure during trial and did not falter under the circumstances. Your knowledge of the law and your effort to investigate any argument was the reason the verdict went our way. I commend you on a GREAT JOB and thank you for all you've done.
GREAT JOB on getting my DUI case DISMISSED!
Being charged with a DUI was one of the most emotionally challenging events of my life. I had never been in trouble with the law before. Mr. Sotiropoulos was the most caring, compassionate, and honest professional during my ordeal. He made me understand what was going on and helped me see all my options. I would highly recommend Andy as a lawyer and make it a point to pass out his business cards to friends and family in need. Andy really made this whole horrible nightmare of a process go by smoothly and without a hitch. I am truly grateful to him.
Thank you very much for your guidance in my case. Thanks to you, I was found NOT GUILTY of the DUI charge. I thought I knew the law pretty well, but you knew every avenue to take to maximize my rights as a defendant and citizen. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to anyone who wants their case handled with professionalism by someone who fights for their rights. There are a lot of attorneys who will make promises; you didn't, you told me what may or may not happen. I interviewed three other attorneys, and all they wanted was the money first, and that didn't give me any confidence in them. For anyone who finds themselves in the same situation, I urge you to talk with Mr. Sotiropoulos because he's honest, follows through, and is very knowledgeable of DUI laws. It was nice to meet and know you, Andy; you're a good man.
This letter is to HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andy Sotiropoulos because of his experience and knowledge in DUI cases. His performance during my case was OUTSTANDING. He showed vast experience in his field, as well as remarkable knowledge of the DUI subject. Andy gave me much confidence during the trial, convincing the judge with strong arguments on why I should be declared INNOCENT of the charges. He reached that goal. On several visits to the court, I came to realize how much other attorneys admire the work of Mr. Sotiropoulos. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for future cases. His experience, knowledge, and dedication will ensure the best outcome.
Andy, I want to thank you for your work and professionalism during this entire process. I was able to contact you and obtain a prompt response during the most stressful time. As a result, I was able to have my case reduced.
I just wanted to offer my appreciation for the work that you did on my case. I had a clean driving record as a CDL holder for 27 years. I was lucky to choose you as my attorney. You investigated the arrest and discovered that the police department did not follow proper procedures in setting up the DUI checkpoint. As a result, my case was thrown out. I also want to thank you for promptly answering your phone calls. So again, I thank you.
Just a note to say thank you for your services. The results (dismissal) were MUCH more than I expected in a case with a blood result three times the legal limit. You are my attorney from now on.
I can't thank you enough for your dedication to your craft and for the way you share your talent. In the beginning, I appreciated your business savvy, but by the end of our journey, I came to know the man behind the success. Every step of the way, you were professional, competent, and always timely. Never in your line of business have I ever come across someone so completely fair and trustworthy. I had truly prepared myself for the impossible obstacles, trying to figure out a way to accept this awful railroad of misjudgment put on me. I must say you have reinstalled my trust in our legal system. It was most impressive when you plowed the arresting officer with questions forcing him to tell his story and then pointing out to the judge that the timeline proved his false accountability of the night in question. It took a person truly dedicated to the law to prove my innocence, and that's what you did. Once again, thank you, may God bless you and yours abundantly with all that you ask. Eternally grateful.
A few years back, my driving record was trash. Every month I was getting a ticket for speeding or reckless driving. I thought paying for the tickets would be better than trying to fight them. Well, news flash, NEVER PAY A TICKET (words from Mr. Sotiropoulos). I was getting close to the point of losing my license so my mom told me to contact Andy. I did and he fought for every ticket I had. Andy either got the ticket dropped, price lowered, or supervision. Either way, better than losing my license. Highly recommend Mr. Sotiropoulos for your driving issues.
I was referred to Andy via my cousin who said he was one of the best. He did not disappoint, that's for sure. I brought to Andy a serious DUI case with plenty of state evidence. However with Andy's knowledge and expertise he was able to keep my consequences to a minimum. With the evidence that they had I thought my driving days were over. I highly recommend Andy to anyone who finds themselves needing legal assistance.
Andy was a great help to me when I needed a lawyer. I was arrested for a dui about 15yrs ago. I had previously known him and was told he excellent attorney. He was with me at all my court appearances and got my fine reduced as I was having some financial trouble at the time. I was very nervous going through this process, but Andy was by my side every step of the way. He is still a friend to me and has helped a few people I know with their cases. Highly recommend if you need an attorney.
I was looking for an attorney to represent me in my drivers license reinstatement hearings and Andy was recommended by a friend, I am so glad that I hired Andy to help me in my case, with his knowledge and hard work I was able to successfully complete everything that was required by the state and after 8 long years of a revoked license, I was granted full reinstatement of my drivers license.Andy is very knowledgeable, hard working, thorough and friendly, I would highly recommend him.
Andy is the attorney you want on your side if you've been charged with DUI. I've unfortunately had to retain his services more than once. And each time, he was worth every penny spent. He knows and understands the law. I never lost my license for more than a month and have walked away with zero convictions. I strongly recommend retaining Andy if you've been charged with DUI in Illinois.
Great guy, made everything about the case super clear and let me know exactly what was going on and what the possibles outcomes were as well as what he was doing. Took care of everything and made the process super easy for me.
Andy was referred to me on a dui case, he set up an appointment right away with working with my schedule. He explained to me all I needed to know, answered my questions to my satisfaction. Walked me through the court dates, I felt like I had the right attorney for me and my case.
I personally hired Andy Sotiropoulos on two different occasions. He was very professional and he actually took the time to listen to all of my concerns and explained what would/could happen. As it turned out, Andy got the best outcome that we hoped for!!! If I should ever need another attorney, he is and would be my first choice.
Andy Sotiropoulos was very thorough in working my DUI case in 2017 and managed to dismiss the case along with a "suppose" (in parenthesis because it wasn't on the police video) traffic stop violation. Unfortunately, I still had to drive with a breathalyzer due to my license suspension but with that in mind it was still worth it rather than paying all kinds of classes and follow ups and more fees with the County and/or state.I highly recommend Andy Sotiropoulos for your DUI case because he is an honest, straightforward person and will do the best he can to help you in your situation.Sincerely and highly grateful,
I hired Andy to represent me in a traffic matter. I was extremely pleased with him. I also noted how many other attorneys and clerks at the Daley Center knew him and greeted him in a friendly and respectful manner. I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Andy.
Andy has helped me in two separate DUI cases. The second in which I was driving an intoxicated friend home and the officer lied and said I admitted to consuming alcohol in which I never did. Andy was very precise and thorough in trail and exposed the lies. He helped me get a not guilty verdict and I got to keep my clean record and license! I recommend Andy to every friend and family member that need legal representation. Call him you will not regret it.
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From the Professional

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"Andy is a very talented attorney. He is versed on all aspects of criminal defense, traffic and DUI laws and is a fierce advocate for his clients. He is a fine negotiator and a skillful trial lawyer in instances where litigation is required. I endorse Mr. Sotiropoulos without reservation."
Martin LaScola
Former Prosecuter
"Andy Sotiropoulos is an attorney that I happily endorse as an upstanding member of the legal community and a strong advocate for clients"
Rosemary Kostopoulos
Former Public Defender
"I endorse this lawyer. I have known Andy for over 20 years. We have consulted each other on cases many many times. I can say without hesitation that he is a dedicated, aggressive, trial lawyer who truly has the best interest of his clients at heart. It is a privilege to call him a colleague and a friend.
Richard Manno
"You could not ask for a more passionate and zealous advocate than Andy Sotiropoulos. He is well educated and versed in all aspects of criminal defense. He is fierce and dedicated to his craft. He is a seasoned trial lawyer with the ability to communicate with opposing counsel, judges, and his clients. Andy's experience and confidence are key aspects to his success as an attorney and show in the results he obtains for his clients..."
Vincent Tucci
"I endorse Andy. He is is highly qualified in his concentrated practice area of DUI and Criminal Defense law. With years of practice in this very technical area of law, he has gained the knowledge and experience to defend his clients and assist them in obtaining successful results. He exhibits the utmost in integrity and compassion for his clients. If you are looking for an attorney to assist you in this area of law, look no further than this lawyer."
C. Dean Matsas
"Andy Sotiropolous is an outstanding DUI Defense Attorney. There are hundreds of attorneys who advertise they are DUI Defense attorneys. The truth is internet advertising allows anyone to make any claim. I have known Andy for nearly 20 years. We met at national DUI Defense training seminars and our friendship has continued to this day. If I have a question about anything Illinois related, I call Andy. If you or a loved one have a DUI case in the Chicagoland area, Andy should be your first call. As I mentioned before there are those who advertise they practice DUI Defense and then there is Andy, fighting every day to protect his clients. If you call anyone other than Andy, ask them what training they have on breath testing, blood testing, and field sobriety tests. Then ask them when is the last time (and how many times) they actually tried a DUI case to verdict. They won't compare to Andy.”
Chuck Rathburn
“I had the pleasure of meeting Andy while I was a prosecutor and I am proud to say that Andy and I have continued our professional relationship for almost 20 years. Andy is one of the most diligent, prepared, fierce, intelligent, and caring attorneys around. As an ASA, when Andy told me he was going to trial, I knew I was in for a challenge as Andy finds every loophole and defense possible and leaves no stone unturned. He is a true advocate for his clients and professional in all realms. He maintains the utmost respect from judges, Assistant State's Attorneys, fellow defense attorneys, clerks and sheriffs. I highly recommend Andy and believe he's one of the true few great defense attorneys ever and is an all around, incredible human being."
Deborah Cohen
Former Prosecutor
“Quite a few attorneys that walked into my courtroom talked the talk, but Andy walked the walk. He was the only DUI attorney that would keep me up the entire night before a trial trying to figure out what hole he had found in my case. If Andy answered ready for trial, I knew I was in for a dogfight. That's why I've recommended him to friends and relatives.”
Vera McDonnell
Former Prosecutor
Andy is an outstanding attorney! I have personally observed him in action on trial! He zealously represents his clients and wins! I would highly recommend Andy because he is honest, intelligent and dedicated to his clients!
Dan Tsataros
Former Prosecutor
Andy Sotiropoulos is a great lawyer with formidable legal skills, strongly liked and respected by lawyers and judges in the legal community. This is an attorney that I absolutely endorse!
Kostas Kostopoulos
Former Prosecutor
I have known Andy for quite a few years as a highly skilled practitioner. He does not sacrifice quality for quantity. Other DUI attorneys are part of high volume practices where they turn over cases simply to move on to the next one. Andy will give your case the attention it deserves, and if there are legal defenses, you can be sure that Andy will take the time to compartmentalize everything and keep the prosecution on its toes.
Mike Kartsounis
Former Prosecutor
Attorney Sotiropoulos is an excellent criminal attorney to whom I have personally referred my own family and friends. He is a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney who is prepared for every court appearance and hearing. He is extremely professional in the handling of his cases and has always maintained the highest ethical standards in his practice. His excellent reputation and high integrity speak for themselves.
Elizabeth Zougras
I was a clerk supervisor at the Daley Center for over twenty years, recently retired. In that time span, I had the opportunity to observe thousands of attorneys at work and in my estimation Andy was as good or better than any of them. Incredibly tenacious and a superb cross examiner, he won countless trials and summary suspensions I personally observed, often leaving me shaking my head in disbelief. Always very well prepared and on the cutting edge of new developments in DUI law, Andy had the respect and admiration of all other defense attorneys, judges, clerks and bailiffs. He also was a consummate professional, always treating me and my staff with the utmost respect. I highly and wholeheartedly endorse this attorney. If I were in need of a defense attorney, he would be the first name I would call.
Sophia Agridiotis
Traffic Court Clerk Supervisor
My practice focuses on civil litigation. My office staff knows Andy's number and give it out whenever a client calls with a criminal or traffic matter. It's automatic. We have that much confidence in him. Andy is a knowledgeable, passionate and zealous advocate who has never disappointed anyone we've sent him.
R. Maritote
Personal Injury Attorney
Andy is a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and effective lawyer. I have known Andy for over 30 years and I have always known him to be a conscientious and caring individual. You can count on Andy to get it done!
Andrew Barone
Social Security Disability Attorney
10.0 Andy Sotiropoulos
Andy SotiropoulosReviewsout of 52 reviews
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