Navigating an Illinois DUI as an Out-of-State License Holder

The legal landscape for out-of-state drivers facing DUI charges in Illinois is fraught with complexity. As an accomplished Chicago DUI attorney, I have the experience to address the unique challenges that come with being licensed in another state while facing Illinois DUI repercussions.
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Out-of-State DUI Basics

Read further to learn directly from Andy Sotiropoulos:

“I have handled numerous cases throughout my career of drivers who were charged with an Illinois DUI but licensed in another state. This scenario is often complex and brings additional concerns into play about the consequences of an Illinois DUI disposition and/or suspension on the out of state license of a client.

Illinois is a member of the Drivers License Compact. This is basically an agreement between states to share and exchange information relating to license suspensions and traffic violations of non resident motorists. Only Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin are non members. Illinois will report suspensions and revocations to the drivers home state, even if that state is not a member of the Drivers License Compact.  Often times, these non member states will take action based on information provided by Illinois, even though they’re not part of the compact.

Even if your home state takes no action after an Illinois DUI disposition, Illinois will. A DUI conviction in Illinois will revoke your driving privileges in Illinois even if you’re not licensed in this state. Quite often, this may prevent you from renewing your drivers license in your home state.

Therefore, it is important that your attorney knows the impact an Illinois suspension or disposition will have on your home state driving privileges. I have a nationwide network of top notch DUI attorneys I can consult with in these scenarios in order to come up with the best plan of attack in your case. I have successfully handled cases of drivers licensed in Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, New York, Kansas, Iowa, Massachusetts, Texas, and Minnesota in my career. If you’re an out of state driver faced with an Illinois DUI, you need an attorney experienced in handling out of state driving issues. Please call my office to arrange a no obligation initial consultation.”
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