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July 3, 2024

DUI Case Highlights 2022-2023: Recent Success Stories

As we look back on the legal battles of 2022-2023, we are thrilled to share some remarkable success stories from our firm. At Andy Sotiropoulos & Associates, we have been relentless in defending our clients facing DUI charges, and these cases serve as a testament to our commitment and experience.

Case Highlights

STATE v CD (Bridgeview)

In this case, we achieved a significant victory as we successfully had a one-year Summary Suspension RESCINDED. Moreover, we were able to secure the DISMISSAL of both the DUI charge and Battery to a Police Officer charge. This outcome highlights our dedication to protecting our clients' rights and achieving favorable results.

STATE v KH (Will County)

For a repeat offender involved in a highway accident with a blood draw, we secured a noteworthy outcome. We successfully DISMISSED both the DUI Drugs and Driving While Revoked charges, showcasing our ability to navigate complex cases and protect our clients' interests.

STATE v IK (DuPage)

In a case involving a DUI Marijuana charge with a .10ng blood draw, we were able to secure a DISMISSAL. Additionally, we successfully RESCINDED the six-month Summary Suspension. This achievement came after demonstrating that the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) protocols weren't followed appropriately by the arresting officer(s), highlighting our attention to detail and commitment to our clients.

STATE v KC (Rolling Meadows)

Despite a motorist failing four field sobriety tests, we secured a NOT GUILTY verdict on the DUI charge. Our success came after revealing that the officer did not properly record the results of the field tests on the scene. This case exemplifies our ability to challenge evidence and protect our clients' rights effectively.

STATE v DR (Daley Center)

In a case involving a motorist with three failed field sobriety tests and a high-speed expressway accident, we secured a DISMISSAL of the DUI charge and RESCINDED the one-year Summary Suspension. This outcome showcases our ability to handle challenging cases and achieve favorable results.

STATE v AH (Maywood)

For a motorist involved in a high-impact intersection "T-Bone" car crash with a .14 BAC, we achieved a DISMISSAL of the DUI charge and RESCINDED the six-month Summary Suspension. This success underscores our commitment to providing a strong defense, even in complex situations.

STATE v TR (Daley Center)

In this case, we successfully REDUCED a DUI charge to Reckless Driving and RESCINDED the one-year Summary Suspension for a repeat offender with a CDL license. This outcome demonstrates our ability to advocate for reduced charges and protect our clients' driving privileges.

STATE v BCG (Bridgeview)

For a case involving a DUI Marijuana charge, we secured a DISMISSAL. Additionally, we successfully had both the one-year FST Refusal Suspension and one-year Summary Suspension RESCINDED. This outcome highlights our expertise in handling cases related to marijuana DUIs and Summary Suspensions.

STATE v EPL (Bridgeview)

In another case involving a DUI Marijuana charge and Driving While License Suspended, we achieved a DISMISSAL. Our success in this case demonstrates our proficiency in handling complex legal situations.

These recent successes represent our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch legal defense for our clients facing DUI charges. We are proud of our track record and will continue to fight tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for those we represent.

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